Friday, November 16, 2012

preparedness baby step #1

I've been thinking this past week of my plan of attack to begin preparing my family for the upcoming winter (which I think might be a big one) or for any unforeseen natural or unnatural disasters.

I thought I would show you the fabulous generator I found that is my next purchase or how I plan to re-organize all our emergency items.

But I thought I would start from the beginning of this journey. 

Baby Step 1:  Shelf Reliance Food Storage

Earlier in the year, Tony and I started to get involved with a company called Shelf Reliance.  They have these fabulous shelving units that I hope to fit in my pantry someday. 

It is this shelving unit that started the company but they expanded to carry food for emergency preparedness storage.  We signed up as independent consultants, Tony did a few farmers market booths, but we haven't done much else.

Although several people we know have had huge success as independent consultants, we're just hoping to share the good news, inform people of their great products and make enough to offset our own purchases (which, if you're interested, is a great way to build your own emergency supplies and storage).

So, here is our Shelf Reliance website:

I'll probably write more about it, but they have a great program called the "Q" where you can set up a monthly program and buy any amount of product - we buy $50 per month.

The thing that is great about Shelf Reliance is most of the food is freeze dried.  You can use your food storage in daily meals (they are the only veggies I can get Ryan to eat!) and rotate it by using it instead of throwing it away when it expires.

Our favorites are the sliced peaches, corn, brownies (yum!) and the chicken.

Next, I'll tell you about the generator!  Don't worry, I'll still blog about Ryan - I know he's the main attraction of this blog!!


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