Sunday, April 13, 2014

just a note...

to let you know that we're still alive.  March pretty much kicked my butt. During the entire month, one or more of us were sick at any given moment.  I was sick for about two weeks during which I may or may not have become addicted to Nyquil.  To a chronic insomniac, that stuff is magic and quite frankly, still hard for me to resist. From time to time, on sleepless nights, I may or may not get up (after hours of tossing and turning) and down a 1/4 dose. Yes, I usually suffer the next morning from a Nyquil hangover, but I will admit that the Nyquil hangover is preferable to 3 hours of sleep.

I've recently become aware that there is a product call Zquil or some iteration of that spelling. Because I have been Nyquil free for a few weeks now, I am resisting the Zquil urge.

I'm also told that talking about sleeping habits is not that interesting, but there you go. Such is my life.

In the meantime, here is one of my new favorite pictures of my two little ones. I promise to write again soon and about something more interesting than my ongoing battle with sleep issues.  We have a few other interesting stories to tell...

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