Friday, March 13, 2015

chocolate bribes

I'm one of those stingy parents who rarely gives my kids candy or treats. I'm loosening up quite a bit, but we still have a small bag of skittles from Halloween that we're working on. More and more I view candy as bribes than as treats though.

Ryan, who is four and a half years old now, is still taking naps (proof there are still answers to prayers). However, the number of days when he "doesn't have the tired" and doesn't want to nap is on the rise. Enter skittles.

Me:  Ryan, if you take a long nap, I will give you TWO skittles!

Ryan bless his heart, doesn't know how stingy TWO skittles is and excitedly accepts the offer.

So the other day, we were driving home from Auntie Patty's (Auntie Patty watches Anna and Ryan while we work) and Anna was unusually sad for some unknown reason. Which translated to fighting with Ryan. Which was driving me crazy. And so I offered her and Ryan a piece of chocolate to see if that would both perk her up and end the fighting.

I knew perfectly well that there would likely be melted chocolate to contend with when we got home, but the bribe was well worth it.

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