Tuesday, April 9, 2013

advice for Adril

I love Mondays.  Every Monday I receive an email from Adril.  Now that he's been out a year, his emails are much more detailed.  A year ago, his emails were something like:  We had a great week.  We are teaching a lot of people.  I have a new companion and he is from (insert country here).

But now?  This is the email he sent me last week (thanks to Kathy's nephew for the translation!):

Hi Mom, how are you? Last week was wonderful, full of spiritual experiences, trying to find families in order to help them come closer to Christ. We also went to the temple and it was marvelous.

Last week we lost a brother {as an investigator} that was listening to us very well. One night we passed by his house and reminded him that we had been waiting for him at the church and he hadn't arrived. He felt really bad. I feel like pressuring them is wrong, but I'm going to improve my teaching skills. I want to teach with conviction. Mom, can you help me with your opinion on how to teach with conviction or give commitments with conviction please? Thanks. Thanks for the money Mom, if you ask me what else I need I will tell you whatever I need, but for now it is enough. Thanks mama Natalie for worrying and thinking about me, I love you.

Last week we had a beautiful experience. A boy from a part member family was baptized and before he never wanted to get baptized and wouldn't listen to his parents. His parents were very worried, they had plans to get sealed in the temple, but their son wasn't a member yet. Nevertheless, his parents worked with all their hearts to help their son. Their son felt the Spirit, and felt that his parents had greatly changed y he got baptized. His father baptized and yesterday confirmed him so that he would be a member. His father shed tears of joy and wept like a child. I could see the happiness of this family and now they can bring to pass their dream or goal of going to the temple and being sealed with all of their family. What a beautiful experience I've been able to have, I realized that the Lord brings to pass his great works when we confide in God.

I love this boy and am so proud of the work he is doing.  So my question to you is, what advice do you have for Adril?  What lessons did you learn as a missionary teaching people?

You can email me at:  nmano@yahoo.com or better yet, you can email or write to Adril directly! 

email address:  adril.garcia@myldsmail.net

Elder Adril Garcia Perez
Mision Peru - Lima Oeste
carlos salarerry #3664-los olivos
casilla de correo 39-054
lima 39


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