Monday, January 4, 2010

more and less

I’ve always been a big goal maker. When I lived in California, I used to make an annual pilgrimage around New Years Day down to Carmel. I would go by myself and make a day of it. It was always the same routine – get a pretzel and a steamed cocoa at the bakery on Ocean Avenue and then walk down the beach. I love that beach. It is beautiful and if I ever work with a psychiatrist who tells me I need to imagine my happy place, this would be it. I remember taking Marc Shinsato there, a friend from Hawaii and when he saw my beach he just said in a low voice….wow.

Anyway, I would sit on that beach and think. I would think about the past year and my life in general. I would think about all kinds of things and at the end of the day I would write my goals for the upcoming year. During the day I would write about things too. It was always a good day.

Tony and I have been reviewing the last year and talking about goals the past few days. 2008 was a really good year. On a scale from 1 to 10, I think I’d give it an 8. The reason I’d give it an 8 is because a couple of big things didn’t happen. We didn’t go to the Sunflower Orphanage for one – after going 6 times – about every six months for the past 3 years, I’m having major withdrawals. But I’ll write about that stuff sometime later.

But the stuff that did happen this past year was great. We spent a lot of time working on architectural plans and after several rounds, came up with a great plan and we started construction. We got a dog that we love. We both work with the youth at church and love them. I traveled less due to the economy, but we both still have great jobs. We took some small trips to Moab, Lake Powell and California. Trent and Sarah got married and we saw family quite a bit.

So yes. It was a good year.

And 2010? Well, our house should be done next month. We’re getting a piano. And hopefully our family will expand (I’ll introduce you to Adriel soon).

So contrary to Tony’s repeated explanations that my goals should be quantifiable, the title of my list of goals is:

More or Less.

drink more water.
exercise more.
write more. In addition to this blog, I’m going to start writing a novel. I’ve had the idea in my head for awhile, but the task scares the crap out of me.
use my time more wisely.
try recipes of foods that scare me more.
pray more.
read scriptures more.
attend the temple more. We used to go once a week and want to get back into that schedule.
help Tony around the house more (he does the cooking, shopping and laundry).
be more grateful.
talk to my family and friends more.

eat less sugar.
drink less caffeine. Flying across the country is a lot different than flying to Reno and I’ve picked up a Coke Zero habit which probably contributes to my insomnia.
say words like “crap” less.
complain about Utah’s winter less. It is cold here, but I will try to embrace it. I will also try to leave the house at least once each day (I’m known to go days DAYS without leaving the house).
sleep more and less (more before midnight, less after).

What are your goals?

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