Friday, January 27, 2012

another day, another bad haircut

The haircut incident was actually a couple of weeks ago before my Atlanta trip at the middle of the month. I thought by the time I got back from Atlanta that his hair might have either miraculously grown out or Tony would have taken Ryan to get a proper cut.

But this is what I came home to.

But, if you brush it to the side, it doesn't look so bad. In fact, he looks kinda like my cute little boy instead of someone who could be a stand-in on "Dumb and Dumber." Unfortunately, his bangs stay brushed for about 12.5 seconds.

At this point, his bangs are so short, I think there's no other recourse but to let it grow out for a week or two. I will be in NY for a week-ish so that should give it a bit of time to grow. And then I'll look into the age requirements for mousse and hair gel.

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