Sunday, January 15, 2012

greetings from Atlanta

Sometimes I feel like I live in a traveling bubble. I'm in Atlanta right now and feel like I've been here for two weeks. But the reality is, it's only been five days. Only five days?!

Whenever I go on a trip, I of course miss my boys. Tony is a champ holding down the fort and being a single dad. Most of the time I don't worry at all about Tony being able to take care of Ryan on his own. When I talk to many of my cousins and friends about Tony, I realize how amazing he is to be a single dad so often.

But today I talked to Tony for a little bit during the day and Ryan is sick. For the most part, he's acting his normal self - running, climbing and jumping, but he also wants to cuddle and be held much more than usual.

And Tony says he thinks Ryan misses me. That makes me cry just to write it. This is the first trip I've been on where Tony thinks Ryan misses me. That breaks my heart. And I hope it doesn't break his little heart.

Every night before I go to bed, I go through my photo library on my phone. I look at my favorite pictures and my favorite videos. Over and over.

For Christmas, we gave Ryan a big bottle of bubbles. I know, we're big spenders. He did get another toy that he loves, but more on that later.

That night, we blew bubbles over and over for our little boy. I LOVE watching his excitement, hearing his squeals and seeing the wonder in his face. It cracks me up when that bubble lands on his little nose.

Oh, that he could stay this small always and forever. Everyone keeps telling me that every stage gets better and better (until those teenage years!), but I'd love to have him stay the bubble-chasing little boy that I love in these videos.

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