Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the first stitches

Yesterday, I had one of those phone calls that every mother dreads..."hi honey, we're at the hospital." But Tony was very quick to add, that everything was ok and that Ryan fell and just needed 4 stitches.

I guess they decided to go on a little hike and when Tony put Ryan down, he fell and hit his head against the car. Ryan's not much of a crier and only cried for a few seconds so Tony didn't think much of it. But then a moment later he saw blood and knew it was emergency room worthy.

Traveling is always hard, but when your baby is sick or injured, it's HORRIBLE! All I wanted to do was be at home. Oh, the homesickness. And oh, the guilt.

I felt bad for Tony too - having to wait for hours in the emergency room, having to entertain Ryan with blown up gloves and those giant popsicle throat sticks.

So now our little boy has 4 stitches on his eyebrow (which is probably the first of many). Tony said, other than the shot, he was very good and brave. What a little trooper.

And me? I had to settle for some darling pictures from my husband. Even with stitches, I think he's the handsomest little 18-month old I've ever had.

I've looked at these pictures at least a thousand times. The first time I looked at them, I cried. I sat in my hotel room and just cried.

The thousandth time I looked at them, I still got a little teary. But not so much from homesickness. More for gratitude that everything worked out ok. That my husband is capable and caring. That my little boy was with his daddy. And most of all, that I'll be home in just a few short days.

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