Friday, April 20, 2012

mom's 70th birthday bash

My mom turned 70 last month! We were lucky enough to have her in Utah for her big birthday week. We had been planning and scheming for weeks about how to best celebrate 70 years for the woman who means so much to us. How can you possibly show such an amazing woman how much she means to each of us individually and as a family?
We had a small family dinner with the three Utah kids - Janelle's family, Trent's family and mine. It was a fairly informal evening, but we had plans. We weren't sure how we were going to pull it off yet, but we had a big surprise party with both Mano and Inouye sides coming to our house on the weekend.
But on Friday, the day before the big party, we heard from Gary that Racquel's water broke at 32 weeks and they were at the hospital. Long story short, mom decided to fly home right away and so dad said, "ummm, have you talked to Natalie about their plans?"
One thing about me, I am THE worst person to pull off these kinds of things. I can't lie. I start smiling and stuttering. So I had to spill the beans, but only because dad spilled the beans.
But it was a good thing, because mom helped us cook and clean for the party on Saturday. And true to form, I don't know how we would have pulled off the party for 55-ish people without her help.
Trent put together a couple of games with Carolyn trivia questions. My favorite Jeopardy answer was: When mom and Auntie Gerry went snow skiing, they couldn't get on or off this.
Question: What is a tow rope?
My favorite Jeopardy category was "Peta Alert". I'll save those stories for another birthday. But before I end, I can't resist re-posting my all-time favorite picture of my parents.
Happy Belated Birthday, to my lovely, charming and fantastically funny mother. We love you and love you and love you and love you!

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