Wednesday, May 30, 2012

terrible two's

I thought I understand why they coined this phrase, but I realize now that I really had no idea.  My little boy is delightful, he is entertaining and at nearly 22 months, he is also very well entrenched into his terrible two's.  Several times a day I repeat to myself, "this too shall pass."

So here are a few delightful photos for you experienced mothers to chuckle at....It would be MUCH better if you could hear the whining and tantrums.  Enjoy!

He used to be a champion eater - ate pretty much anything we gave him, but now, we can't get him to eat any veggies.  He'll still eat baby food veggies, but he won't eat any table food.  Go figure.  So he's still on baby food veggies.  But fruit?  We LOVE fruit.  Especially Greek yogurt and our own strawberry/banana mix or blueberry oatmeal.  But we seem to wear as much as we eat.

And we're still watching a bit of TV, although I try to limit it to 30 minutes a day.  I call it my 30 minutes of sanity.

But most of all, we're just trying to have fun with this little boy of ours.  Because we're so new at this at such an old age, we really get a kick out of the funny things kids do.  Like sit in drawers.  Who does that?

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