Monday, June 24, 2013

an update on mama mano

Thank you for all the notes, calls and messages about my mom.  As my mom recently pointed out, everyone in the world should feel as loved as she does right now.

I wanted to give a quick update since so many people have asked.  All in all, mom is doing great.  The doctors didn't diagnose a "stage" like they usually do.  They just called it "recurrent breast cancer" but it is very treatable and, in spite of the complication of the tumor attaching to her bone and her muscle, things are looking pretty good.

Because of that complication, they opted to do chemo first to shrink the tumor.  And after one treatment, my mom thinks the tumor has both shrunk in size and is softer.  Her second treatment is this Thursday and today she went to get her hair cut - actually shaved - because it has already started to fall out.

She treated herself to a new wig (she kept the old one) and I loved that she reasoned that she is saving money on hair cuts and hair product so she deserved a new wig!  Last time I was able to go wig shopping with her and we tried on blonde bobs and crazy styles.  I remember thinking I would shave my head in an act of solidarity, but alas, I lost the courage when I saw the blades.

I wish I would have shaved my head when I had the chance (now, with all my tradeshows and business trips, I don't think I could pull it off).  But I don't feel the need for a bald head anymore to feel a sense of solidarity with my mom.  So many people have been sending good thoughts and energy her way, been saying prayers, adding her name to our temple prayer rolls, and just generally sending their love to her.  I feel a sense of solidarity with her friends and family when I pray.

And for whatever reason, I feel like a sense of solidarity with my mom as it feels as though I am a recipient of a small portion of the love being sent her way.  I definitely feel the care and concern of others and for that, I am grateful. 


  1. Thanks for the update, Nat. We love you Auntie Carolyn!

  2. I love your mom's attitude! What a great lady. I hope she kicks cancer to the curb!! Tell her good luck with her treatments and I hope the tumor can be easily removed soon.

  3. thanks Becky! She's a fighter so I'm sure cancer will be kicked to the curb soon!