Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anna's first airplane ride

On Saturday we flew from Zhengzhou to Guangzhou where all immigrant travel visas are processed. Because Tony had flown home on Thursday and my cousin Joy wasn't meeting me in Guangzhou until Sunday, I was traveling on my own with Anna. So with my checked luggage, filled to the weight capacity, two carry-on bags and a little toddler in a stroller, we headed to the airport. Luckily, I am traveling with some of the most helpful and kind people in the world. But still, it was a bit tricky because we all had our own newly adopted children to worry about.

Can I just say how wonderful Anna was on the plane? She slept for a bit and got a bit fussy when she woke up and couldn't get comfortable. She was past overtired and I could tell she just wanted to stretch out on a bed and get some good shut-eye but instead she was being held by a new mommy, in a hot and cramped airplane. There were many unhappy babies on that plane (and probably unhappy passengers sitting around all of us) but Anna managed to keep busy and stay happy.

Anna's first plane ride!

We arrived at the Marriott China Hotel which is pretty deluxe. Anna continues to open up and become more lively. In fact, I'm not even really working on attachment strategies any longer. She is definitely attached to her mama. And during the day, she seems like the happiest kid in the world.

And while she often still needs to be close to me and wants to be held by me, she is becoming a bit more adventurous and independent.  When we were waiting in the lobby on Saturday, she would wander off quite a distance from me and walk up to complete strangers. She walked up to one woman and just rested her elbows on the woman's knees and looked up at the woman's face. I'm pretty sure she knows how to turn on the charm already.


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