Friday, November 22, 2013

Ryan and Anna

Ryan and Anna.  Sometimes they go together like apple pie and ice cream.  They love to play together these days and it really does warm my heart to hear Ryan say, "I want to play with Anna."  But sometimes that ice cream melts and we're left with sloppy mess.

Just this morning, I asked Ryan if he could play with Anna without fighting and he answered in a very serious tone, "no."  Well, at least he is honest.

And a quick update on the employment front.  Monday is my first day working on a three month consulting job that I think I'm going to love doing.  It's working on an operations project that probably sounds really boring to a lot of you, but it's something that I love to do - even more than the business development/sales management and marketing.  So I feel much more relaxed and I'm actually able to spend time enjoying my kids. 

But I'll tell you, I take my hat off to all you stay-at-home moms out there.  I've had my kids home a lot with me over the past two weeks and sometimes I thought I was going to go crazy. 

I also realize that especially in this Thanksgiving season, I have so much to be grateful for.  And at the top of the list is friends and family who have helped us along this rocky year and who have been there for us.

So thank you!  We are happy, healthy and are progressing.  And I fully believe that it is our prayers and yours that have helped us to get through the rough times.

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