Thursday, November 7, 2013

a panda and a cowboy

As per our usual, a lot has been happening around here.  I'm not quite ready to write about it, but suffice it to say we are no longer moving to North Carolina.  I am one part relieved and one part something else.  It's that something else that I should write about in a not to distant future.

But for now, I thought I'd post some Halloween pictures before Thanksgiving Day.  Here is our little panda bear and our little cowboy.

Ryan's cowboy costume is actually a costume that my brother Brian originally wore...ummm....a few years ago.  Then my brother Trent wore it, then my sister's boys and now Ryan.  Ryan wore it last Halloween too but because life is so crazy for us, I decided to take the easy (lazy) route and reuse the cowboy costume.  And the panda costume is Ryan's from two years ago but it seemed perfect for our little Chinese addition to our family.

On Wednesday we went to our church Trunk or Treat activity and after the trunk or treat portion, we were went inside the church building for dinner and a children's costume parade.  When it was Ryan and Anna's turn, I told Ryan to hold Anna's hand and walk across the stage.  They stood on that stage holding hands and stared out at the crowd and it was absolutely darling.  Unfortunately we didn't have our camera with us so you'll just have to believe me - they were cute!

Everyone has been asking me how Anna did on Halloween and I just reply:  great - just like she's doing with everything.  This little girl just adapts to everything and takes everything in stride.  So even when her mommy dresses her up in an animal costume, she just goes along and has fun.  And the trick or treating?  She had the grabbing candy thing down in about 2 seconds!

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  1. I don't know if it's a good thing or not that you're staying here, but it's a good thing for me! I need to come see you guys, I always think about it, but most days I think your kids are probably getting ready to go to bed by the time I could come over. If you need a date night though, let me know :)