Friday, October 26, 2012

ocd bolar pear

Last Saturday I took Ryan to the zoo.  We met up with Janelle and her cute kids and had a wonderful time. 

The main attraction was the new baby giraffe which, although he didn't move much, was VERY cute.

I have to say that the cooler fall weather is a great time to go see the animals.  They were all pretty active instead of lazily sleeping in the hot summer heat.

One of the highlights has to be the polar bear.  It had this funny routine it kept doing over and over.  And the steps and movements he took everytime were exactly the same.  It would dive under the water and then push off the wall and do a quick back stroke before diving under the water again.  Above is the video from below water (I hope that woman in the background got her picture!) and below is above the water.  We watched it from under the water first and then went to the upper level and watched again above the water.  Ryan kept saying over and over "look, the bolar pear!  look, the bolar pear!"

Sorry for the sideways video, but I'm techno-illiterate these days and don't know how to change it.

After we watched it for a very long time, I stalked this kid for a bit so I could give his mom this fabulous picture I took.  I'm glad the zoo officials didn't hear me say, "little boy, where is your mom?" after which I followed him through the crowd.  But if you were his mom, believe me, you would want to have the picture I took (and she was very glad to have it).  I'd upload it, but it uploads upside down.

Then we sauntered over to see the baby giraffe which was SO cute.  I wanted to get a picture of Sienna and she had to make a funny face.

So two thumbs up for the Hogle Zoo in the fall.

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