Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ryan and Charlotte

Ryan's cousin Charlotte doesn't live too far, but we don't seem to get together nearly enough.  But when we do, I love to watch these two together.  Not that they've bonded especially well because, well, they are two years old.  But I have high hopes for when they are a little bit older.

Look how cute these two munchkins are...

Last month we went to Nickel City to celebrate my brother Trent's (Charlotte's daddy) birthday.  Ryan and Charlotte rode the little merry-go-round.  They don't look like they're having a ton of fun, but believe me, they are.

 For some reason, they just stared at the middle pole as they went around and around. 

And then daddy got to hold both of them while they watched Trent and Sarah play some silly game.  Ryan is a little over four months older than Charlotte, but he has to be a good 10 pounds heavier.

It's a good thing Trent found someone to marry him who likes silly things as much as he does.  We LOVE Sarah.

And look how cute they were as babies - back when they were a few months old.

I grew up with dozens and dozens of cousins and have such great memories playing with them when I was growing up.  Now that we're having babies of our own, I love watching Ryan play with his cousins.  I know from my own life, that cousins can make the world go round.

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