Thursday, August 29, 2013

back to the crib...

Ryan's been ummm...adjusting fairly well.  I'm pretty sure he knows something is up.  Between the boxes and the frantic mommy running here and there, how wouldn't he?
As I mentioned earlier, he is now partially potty trained.  He still regularly has pooping accidents and several days ago I gave up - I think he has bigger fish to fry so to speak.  So we'll rely on pull-ups until we can get settled enough to move to the next stage which, with a new sister and moving to a new home across the country, could be a while!
We also bought a new car seat for Ryan which for him, is a big deal.  With all new things, we have to let him play with it in the house before we use it for real.  Even new shoes - I leave them around the family room until they become familiar.  So a new sister?  We'll see how that goes.
Probably the most obvious sign that Ryan is struggling a bit (which just breaks my heart) is lately he wants to sleep in his crib.  This morning he told me that he didn't want to sleep in his big boy bed anymore.  This is the boy who loves his big boy bed so that tells me he wants to be our baby again.
Every time Tony and I pray this week and I ask Heavenly Father to be with both our children - Anna in China through the upcoming transition and Ryan at home without his mommy and daddy and then when he meets his new sister  - tears come to my eyes.
Don't worry though, I feel a sense of calm and peacefulness through all of this.  I don't know if it will be easy or hard (if I were to bet, I'd bet on hard), but I do know we'll get through it and that eventually, both of our children will feel safe, secure and loved.
This will probably be my last post before we leave for China.  I will do my best to post updates during our trip, but in the meantime, wish us luck and if you feel so inclined, remember us in your prayers.

Oh, and by the way, happy anniversary to my wonderful husband.  For some reason, we time big events around our anniversary.  We brought Ryan home from the NICU on our anniversary and this year, we're leaving a day later to bring home Anna from China!

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