Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17th...

I've been mulling over what to write about on this day - September 17th - the day I've been focusing on since January - the day our baby was due to be born.

It's either the lack of sleep, the lack of time or the lack of creativity, but I got nothing. So I'm just going to type and see what appears in this posting....

After 6.5 weeks of mothering little Ryan, I am in sore need of a Parenting 101 class.

For the past week or so, we've been fretting over an infection Ryan had after his circumcision. As a result of the antibiotics he was on, the poor little guy has zero flora in his tummy and has been pooping about every 5 minutes or so. So you can imagine how sore his cute little bum has been. I've seen diaper rash on other babies before, but somehow it is SO much worse when it is your own little baby. Without going into a lot of detail, he has raw, open sores that, if his screams are any indication, are extremely painful.

We've been washing his little bum in the sink for over a week now. After the first few days of doing this, I called my sister to discuss the situation.

My sister: What diaper rash ointment are you using?
Me: Uh, the one you gave me.
My sister: Have you tried any others?
Me: There are others?

duh. Of course there has to be others. I would have hit myself on the head if my hands weren't soiled with baby poop.

My sister was at my house in less than 15 minutes with 3 other kinds of diaper rash ointment. And she said: You should call your doctor to see what they recommend.

Me: I can just call my doctor and ask for a diaper rash ointment recommendation?

So call I did. And our pediatrician (Dr. Kathleen Omara whom I already love as much as Dr. Markus and Dr. Baker) said to get Triple Paste. And they have it at Smiths!

Triple Paste is magic. It worked like a charm and Ryan's little open sores are now healing. He's off his antibiotics and we hope he'll be pooping a bit less very soon.

In 6.5 weeks of his life, he's conquered his 4th infection, his horrible diaper rash, learned to eat as a preemie, graduated from the NICU....and most of all, taught his mommy and daddy how much they LOVE having a baby to care for.

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  1. Your post brings back so many memories. Your heart just breaks when your little helpless baby has any sort of pain and diaper rashes are right up there with the worst of "bad stuff babies have to go through." I am glad you found some good ointment. I bet you never thought something like Triple Paste would make your whole day!