Wednesday, October 23, 2013

mr. mom

I've been away in North Carolina on my business trip and I'm happy to report that I think everyone has survived.  The kids seem to be adjusting quite well, Anna and Tony are pretty tight these days and they seem to be thriving without me!

But I did have a very humorous phone exchange with Tony yesterday.  I called Tony Tuesday evening around 7pm Utah time and he answered the phone in a very rushed tone:  "Hi, I'm putting Anna to bed and Ryan is in the tub, can I call you back?"

An hour or so later, Tony called me back with one of the best Tony parenting stories I've heard to date!  Tony gave Anna a bath and got her dressed for bed.  Then he drained the tub, filled it with fresh bath water and it was Ryan's turn for a bath.  Ryan's in the tub for a few seconds and then points his finger and shrieks, "POO POO!  There's POO POO daddy!"  And there it was - a little present from Anna floating on a foam cut-out bath toy.

So Tony pulls Ryan out of the tub, scoops up the offending floater, puts all the toys in the sink to scrub down, disinfects the toys and the entire tub all while Ryan is running around the house in all his glory - naked and free as a bird.  Tony, meanwhile is praying that Ryan doesn't pee on the carpet.

As soon as Tony gets the tub cleaned up and refills it with water, he goes to corral naked boy and finds him "combing" Anna's hair with a piece of plastic train track.  I'm impressed that Tony has the calmness to give Ryan a comb and allow him to continue combing Anna's hair.

Tony has to chase naked Ryan around the house a bit because he is loving the naked bit but he finally catches him, puts him in the tub, puts Anna to sleep, then finishes Ryan's bath, puts him to bed and THEN, calls his wife to relate the tales of the evening.

I'm still laughing.

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  1. I found your blog off facebook and I must say, I'm loving those hats! I'm also loving that you are still here. I know the stress is very real and pretty intense but that good old "faith" thing will get you to the place you are supposed to be (here, in case you are wondering).