Thursday, October 10, 2013


I've always liked to make lists and check things off.  I don't go as far as adding something I've already accomplished just so I can cross it off, but I'm close.  I like the order and the feeling of accomplishing something.

But my list lately?  It's a bit ridiculous.

Adoption trip to China...check.
Cleft palate repair surgery...check
One month follow up visit from social worker...check

Next up:
Business trip next week (first trip away from Anna)
Find a renter for our home in Salt Lake City
Find a place to live in North Carolina
Figure out how to move two toddlers, a yellow lab, two vehicles and a household across the country

I woke up and realized I have about six weeks to make this move to North Carolina happen.  Yikes.  So....because I am now panicking and because maybe you or someone you know is looking for a place to rent in Salt Lake City, here are some pictures of our home.  I'll start with my favorite place - our back deck.  We have a view of both the mountains and the valley.  From the deck you can see both the sunrise and sunset.  From our front room, you can see the sunset.  Believe me, it is spectacular.  I'm for once I'm not worried about setting your expectations too high.

master bedroom - with a view out the window but mostly the tops of trees which is still pretty!

master bathroom
built in bookshelves
our family room / great room  We love this room...
my messy kitchen...don't judge...
2nd bathroom (I took out the froggy potty for the picture)
3rd bedroom - it used to be two bedrooms but they took the wall out so it's one long room
(this is now Anna's room)

So there you have it.  We remodeled three years ago and love this house and hate to leave it, but well, life takes funny turns now and then. 
If you or anyone you know is interested, you can email me at:

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