Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the New York Gift Fair

I was in New York a couple of weeks ago for the New York Gift Fair where we showed both companies, Julian Chichester and our new company, Mr Brown.

Here are some pics I took with my phone (i.e. not the greatest, but not horrible either). The space looked beautiful if I do say so myself.
The table above is by far our best selling piece. People LOVE that base. It somes in a glass top, wood top, oval, square, rectangular and round. It's a pretty expensive in my book (around $9,000 for the larger sizes). There must be a lot of rich people still around because we're still selling a TON of them.

I love the mirrors above - They are our Jane Churchill Mirrors.

The front of our space complete with lovely blue carpet in the aisles.
Next up...Mr Brown...

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