Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ryan's World

It started with a small baby blanket, then it became two blankets side by side and finally grew to a queen size blanket laden with a number of toys that sing, squeak, rattle and hum.
This little world of Ryan's keeps him sufficiently entertained for long periods of time (as long as his diaper is dry and his tummy is full). His world is lined with soft velvety pillows covering surfaces that might be tough on his little noggin and a nice carpet-lined step along the north edge. Once in awhile he'll roll himself into an uncomfortable position, but it's nothing a good wail that summons mom and dad can't fix.

I love to lay down on his blanket and play along side Ryan. We read books and we bang on toys. I love to let Ryan just crawl all over me. When he burrows his little head in my tummy and smiles at me, I can't resist scooping him up and kissing him all over his little face.

The last time I was with Ryan on his blanket, I looked around at all his toys. I thought, how fun for a little baby to be surrounded with his favorite things. And then I thought, if I could have a magical world with my favorite things, what would I have?

A waterski boat for sure. Some great books. Maybe a beach!

That was over a week ago. When I was home with Tony and Ryan in our little home in Cottonwood Heights. And now I'm back in North Carolina again - for TWELVE days (it's Furniture Market time again).

So my magical world? I'd give up the beach. I'd give up the books. I'd even give up the boat. All I want is to be back home, with my little Ryan on his blanket. All I want is to bang on his toys, to read him a book and to scoop him up and kiss his little face.

That would be magical.

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