Friday, April 1, 2011

Ryan at 6 months

I had these pictures taken back in February. It was Saturday, February 13th. I was flying back to North Carolina the next day - February 14th - which if you didn't notice was Valentines Day. I was feeling pretty bad about abandoning Tony again and especially on that day of all days. I'm not a big Valentines Day person - I don't expect or give a box of chocolates - I'm kinda a bah humberger I guess. But on Saturday February 13th, I woke up and felt like I needed to get Ryan's picture taken for Tony. So I called this photographer near us and booked an appointment that same day. When we arrived, the photographer seemed like a nice guy, but geesh, he was creepy looking. He looked kinda like a circus clown with a scary mouth. He was trying SO hard to get Ryan to laugh - which is normally very, VERY easy. But I think he was just too crazy looking for Ryan. Anyway, he took something like 30 pictures and maybe 5 or so turned out ok. Then as we were going through them, Ryan starting having a melt-down. He apparently had had enough of the crazy clown man and wanted to go home. So instead of having the luxury of purchasing just a few pictures, I said, how much for all of them?

$299 later, Ryan and I were out the door and on our way back home to safety. So here are 2 of the best pictures. Sometimes impulsivity comes at a heavy price. I think I'll take on Visa's mantra and keep telling myself they are priceless.

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