Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sugar Easter Eggs

Every Easter when we were young, my mom would spend hours and hours making sugar Easter eggs for us to decorate. I have vivid memories of my mom making dozens and dozens of these sugar eggs over the years. She would even come to our classrooms and have our entire class make them. Even after we all grew up, she continued making them for years for one fifth grade teacher's class.

This year, mom told her three older grandkids that she would come make them in their classes. Which is why she is here this week. She arrived on Sunday and has been making sugar eggs ever since for Brixen, Sienna and Jack's classes.

As Ryan and I watched her make every individual egg (she has to make the top and bottom in separate molds), I told Ryan about how we did this growing up. I told Ryan that Grandma would come make them for his class when he was older (even though Grandma thinks she's going to be too old by then).

And then I digressed and told Ryan my favorite Carolyn Mano story...which I will save for another day (maybe her next birthday?). But I will mention that it involves a rooster and it has nothing to do with Easter.

This morning I was able to go to Brixen's class and help out for about an hour. What fun memories it brought back! Here's to childhood memories and to a wonderful grandma who will fly from California to Salt Lake to continue a tradition for her grandchildren!

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