Thursday, July 19, 2012

a revolution update

So as I mentioned, I was in Atlanta for a tradeshow from July 11th to 17th.  Usually when I travel to tradeshows, I put on a few pounds.  It doesn't matter how much I try to be good eating salads, grilled chicken, vegetables at restaurants.  It doesn't matter how much I try to exercise (I can usually get in a few days before my feet start screaming at me).

But THIS time, I was determined.  I took my Jillian DVD's with me.  I even took two 5-pound weights with me. 

And I am SO proud of myself, that I have to report.  Other than one french-fry debacle, I was SO good.  And the french fry debacle was very unintended.  I ordered room service one night (LOVE room service, but it is very difficult to find healthy meals on the menu) and I ordered a turkey sandwich and when it was delivered, there was a side of yummy fries.  Now one thing you should know about me, french fries are my ultimate weakness.

So yes, other than that, I had my usual oatmeal made with the coffee maker for breakfast.  I had healthy salads for lunch and every night I tried to have some kind of grilled chicken/veg/salad type of dinner.

I do have to confess that I had TWO Coke Zero's.  It was either that or fall flat on my face during our late night meetings.

And how much did I exercise you ask?  Well, since you asked....EVERY morning (except for Sunday which is my Jillian-prescribed day of rest).  I was up early exercising to my Jillian DVD's.  I had intended to work out in the gym for another 20-30 minutes in the evenings, but that didn't happen.  No worries though, I was excellent in my follow-through regardless.

So, it was with GREAT anticipation that I got on my scale the morning of the 18th.  I stepped on, took a breath and....behold, there was a SIX pound difference.  However, it wasn't the down direction.  I gained SIX pounds, which is more than usual.

Was I discouraged? Was I disappointed?  Was I surprised?  Yes.  Yes.  And Yes.

I'm back on the horse though and two days later, 4 of those 6 pounds have come off.  Tony calls it travel inflammation.  I call it unfair.

But I'm not quitting.  By the end of the week, I hope to be back where I was which will be just in time for my Chicago trip on Monday and Tuesday.  And then my Las Vegas trip on the 30th.  Not to mention my family is coming into town next weekend.

If nothing else, I feel great.  I'm on a weight loss journey, but there's an important component of health and fitness in there too. 

So there it is.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

Oh, and I'm back off Coke Zero.

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