Friday, July 6, 2012

Brown Rice in my Carpet

A few weeks ago I came home from a trip and discovered that Tony had completely reorganized our pantry.  I'd show you the before and after pictures, but I doubt you'd be as excited about it as I was.

It wasn't horrendous or anything, but we had a lot of glassware that was within a 2 year old boy's reach...which, as you can imagine, is not a good thing.

So Tony completely rearranged the pantry and cleared out a bunch of stuff.  Now there aren't very many things that are ok to put on the bottom shelf.  Canned goods would be ok, but they tend to dent when you throw them.  Paper goods wouldn't break or do any harm, except they are SO much fun to toss in the air, tear and throw around the room.  Paper plates especially make good frisbee type devices.  Mommy's glass vases, pitchers and serving dishes, well, we've had several that have already met their sad demise.

But plastic bins?  They are perfect.  They won't break into glass shards, they won't dent when thrown on the ground and the contents won't be harmed.

But guess who figured out how to open the bins?  Yep.

And now I have brown rice in my carpet.  Luckily it was only a handful or so.  And luckily I have brownish carpet so it is barely noticeable since it ended up there for three days.  Someone was either too busy or too lazy (or maybe both?) to vaccuum it up.   But it wasn't so bad.  When you walked on it with bare feet, it sorta felt nice in a prickly kinda way.

And besides, who has time to clean when I have a cute, little boy to play with?

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