Friday, July 8, 2011

sew cute

I realize I am totally biased, but don't you think this is a cute boy? The best thing about this boy is he's pretty much a nice baby. That's what my Grandma Mano used to always say....I can hear her voice loud and clear in my mind..."he's such a nice baby."

And I always say, "he's a really happy baby, except when he's not." He's taken to randomly screaming at a glass-shattering high pitch. And lately he squirms around when you're changing his diaper or his clothes like a fish out of water. But most of the time, he's all smiles and laughter.

And he's a pretty good model for these shorts that I sewed for him out of scrap material. The shorts pattern is the one I used when my brother Trent was a baby and takes about 30 minutes to make.

It's nice to have a hobby again.

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  1. He is really cute! And I love the shorts you made him-very impressive.