Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A couple of weeks ago (May 17th to be exact) I arrived home from my 9th trip in 5 months. I had taken a taxi and arrived home around midnight. All was quiet and peaceful. I snuck into Ryan's room to take a peek at my cute little boy. He was scrunched in the corner (somehow his favorite position) and I gently moved him back to center crib. I whispered, "I love you" and tip-toed off to my room.

Tony was fast asleep. I quickly brushed my teeth and crawled into bed. I love my bed. And Tony ALWAYS puts fresh, clean sheets on the bed when I come home. There's nothing like crawling into fresh, clean sheets after a long trip.

Early the next morning I walked into the kitchen and there was Tony holding Ryan. All three of us were a bit groggy having just woken up.

I saw Ryan and said, "hi baby".

He saw me and said "hi mommy!" OK, he didn't really, but I could almost hear him saying it. What I didn't imagine was the pure joy in his face when he saw me. I mean, he just LIT up. He doesn't always do that when I see him for the first time after a trip. Sometimes he smiles, sometimes he doesn't even react much other than suck on that binky. But this time he really got excited.

I really think this time he understood that he hadn't seen me for a week. And an even better thing is that is he gets to see me for several more weeks.

I'm going to take a break from traveling for now. I might have to travel in June, but I should be home for 5 weeks if not longer.

It's long enough to enjoy this...

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