Monday, August 16, 2010


The nurses in the NICU at the University Hospital are amazing. They not only take care of the babies, but also their parents as well.

Every three hours, they perform what the call "cares" on each baby. Our little guy has his cares at 8:30, 11:30, 2:30 and 5:30 - both am and pm each day. The idea is to do all the checks (temp, diaper change, measurements, blood pressure, etc) at once to disturb the baby as little as possible and allow the baby to sleep (i.e. heal) as much as possible.

They could as easily called it any other sterile medical term, but I love that they call this medical attention "cares."

It makes me think of all of the cares that I receive from my friends and family. Yesterday my brother-in-law Chris came to visit as well as my cousin Patrice and friend Arnold. My sister came with me for the entire night visit from 8pm to 10pm and we just chatted while I fed and held my baby. It was a treat for me to have her there. And then I had emails, texts and voice mails from others.
Lastly, our little baby has turned another 180 and is back on track. His test results all came back within the normal range. He has stopped vomiting that icky stuff. And most of all, he is acting like his normal self instead of laying well, lifeless, in his little tanning bed. His tube in his mouth is out and they started feeding him just a bit (6 ml instead of 45 ml that he was getting) of breast milk. I am once again trying to breast feed him.

The doctors say he is one of the stars in the NICU right now and that he's doing really well. Of all the cares we've received in the past few weeks, having our prayers heard and answered is the best one of all.


  1. What great news that he is doing so much better! I am so happy for you and Tony.

  2. Wow Natalie...he is quite honestly the cutest newborn baby I have ever seen. I love his thick hair! I am so happy for you guys, and I'm glad Ryan is doing better- prayers really do work! Congrats again!