Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dr. Baker

After Ryan's 25 days in the NICU and my 17 days in the ante-partum department, we're qualified to give an opinion of the care we received at the University Hospital. From start to finish, the medical care we received was really quite amazing.

Dr. Baker is the doctor who delivered Ryan. Judging from his accent, he's from some place deep in the south. He would usually come check on me between 5 and 6 am every morning (I was on bed rest for almost 2 weeks in the hospital because my water broke) and his questions were always the same (imagine a slow, very monotone, VERY southern accent):

do you have any pain in your belly?
are you bleeding?
do you feel the baby move?

then he would touch my belly very lightly and say, "do you have any questions?" then he would leave until the next morning. At first I was surprised by his brief visits, but I grew to really like (i.e. be really entertained) by Dr. Baker. The day I had the C-Section, he told me that my "homework was to fart all day" as I had a ton of air in my belly from the surgery. Three days later we discussed bowel movements. He said I should have one before I left the hospital. When I told him on the last day that I had pooped, he said (again in his slow, monotone, southern accent): I'm sooo proud.

So really, who could ask for better medical care?

It sounds like I'm making fun of Dr. Baker, but I really think he is an excellent doctor. In fact, as I got closer to week 34, it looked like I was going to have my original OB GYN deliver Ryan instead of Dr. Baker and I became really anxious and disappointed. Nothing against my OB GYN, but I grew very attached to Dr. Baker and completely trusted him. In the end, I went into labor early and Dr. Baker delivered Ryan. I wish I had a picture of him so I could show Ryan when he's older.

PS: Tomorrow, I'll tell you about Ryan's doctor, Markus!

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