Thursday, August 26, 2010

dare we say it?

Whenever I ask anyone (nurses, doctors, lactation specialists, other NICU moms - anyone who will listen to me) when they think Ryan might go home, they always give the standard "expect him to go home on his due date" answer.

Yesterday a couple of doctors came through and did a quick run through all the babies on their list. I overheard them (eavesdropping behind my drawn curtain is my latest hobby) say "Smart is doing good - he's getting closer."

I wanted to cheer. I wanted to do a backflip. I wanted to give someone a hug. And I wanted to cry.

We're knocking on wood, saying prayers, holding our breath, and, of course, continuing to eavesdrop whenever we can.

p.s. we're not sure what "closer" means, but our 2 year wedding anniversary is Sunday August 29th.

wouldn't that be a lovely gift?

1 comment:

  1. Yay for eavesdropping! Just think how far Ryan has come in a short amount of time. :)